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Long Term Care Sterling, IL

Finding the best care possible for your loved one is critically important when it comes to Long-Term Care. Sterling, IL residents realize that our team has the expertise to assist them with everything they need for Long-Term Care.

Sterling, IL residents know they can count on people living at Oregon Living & Rehabilitation Center receiving quality care in a loving atmosphere on a daily basis for their Long-Term Care. Sterling, IL residents know that our staff takes a great deal of pride in our facility. We encourage all of our residents to take part in some of the activities we offer every day that they find interesting. We work hard to create an atmosphere that feels like family. Making sure that friends and family always feel welcome in our home is something that is important to us.

Your loved one may have a variety of needs. Oregon Living & Rehabilitation Center can help meet the needs of your loved one for Long-Term Care. Sterling, IL residents appreciate that in addition to your loved one’s daily physical needs, we can help to care for a variety of other needs as well. It helps to have one less burden for your family to carry.

Long-Term Care in a home that has skilled, comprehensive care is important for your loved one’s well-being. Your loved one deserves the care provided by in a loving and professional manner by Oregon Living & Rehabilitation Center. Get in touch with us today at (815) 732-7994 or Send Us An Email. You owe it to yourself and your loved one to see how we can serve you and your family with Long-Term Care.